My dad is almost 78 years old and has got severe pain all over his body, Irene recommended me a Bio-resonance machine to buy, a portable one. Well after many years in pain my father is pain free and i also use it on my self for my liver and uterus and for my daughter's health issues. Perfect, absolutely glad, thank you !!!

Patrizia Del porto

My daughter coughed for three or four months and the GPs did not help, i was getting fairly stressed so i called Irene for some natural medicine remedies. She suggested i used one of her essential oils on her chest so i bought it and she explained in detail how to use the oil. My daughter's nasty almost chronic cough disappeared in a few minutes, i could not believe it myself, but it did. i love you forever Irene thank you very much.

Paula Gomez

I have had my back done and it did not hurt any longer for a month. Thank you Irene you are wonderful darling.

Barbara Hillman

My wife and I are not into natural medicine normally, however we tried everything to conceive a child for the past 5 years without any success.
Tired of looking around we called Irene who told us it would be a good idea to treat the both of us.
We did a course of treatments, Advanced Reflexology to be precise, and a few weeks after my wife got pregnant with twins.
Irene also explained to me things about my health no Doctor told me, she has seen it under my feet and it is connected to the rest of my health history and situation.....Incredible.

Guido D.

I have got cancer and all the aggressive conventional therapies including Chemotherapy left me almost dead. I could not sleep for the past 6 months at least, my body is always in pain from head to toe. Irene offered to give me a Free session of Reiki, i felt asleep the same time she was performing it, i was at my house. It is not easy to put it into words however i slept 4 hours and with NO PAIN. And the second night i slept the whole night as Irene did Reiki on a repeat for 24 hours. Miracle that is all i am going to say, Thank you a million Irene God Bless you x

Roberta Sarli

I work and travel a lot and i looked for Irene as i wanted her to give me a Reiki session. Irene told me there was no problem as she could have done Reiki via distance. Now i am not into this energy healing but i am open minded and willing to try new things. Irene explained to me everything about it and i actually felt asleep whilst she was doing Reiki. I cannot describe it i just felt better than ever but my body went into a such deep state of relaxation i had to sleep. Beautiful experience, thank you Irene.

Viviana J. Kerr

I have severe Lyme disease and when i met Irene i spent more than 80k on private clinics here in UK. Unfortunately conventional treatment have not helped at all in fact they only stressed me further making me even poorer. Irene gave me a strict nutrition regime to heal my cells, bio-resonance work, Yoga medicine, natural medicine supplements etc...What can i say, when i followed her with discipline i felt better much better....I am so grateful to have met this woman....I love her and i will be thanking her forever.

Simtee V.H.

Wonderful Lady, Irene has got true HEALING HANDS, you can actually feel her passion and she spends extra time just to make sure you are ok and you feel better...I will be back very soon, i think i found my Holistic Therapist xxx

Kelly Wishbourne

I am not that young any longer and i have developed a very painful fasciitis, i could not even walk into Irene's studio very well.
By the time i left Irene i was walking fine no pain no nothing.....i was just fine, amazing really.
She also recommended me some diy things i can do to maintain my general health, plus great natural supplements and she has got a great knowledge in regard.

Laura Spencer

So this is my first time trying out holistic treatments, i was very nervous, very tense as my job is very stressful. Irene was absolutely brilliant, she made me feel very relaxed and explained to me all the steps and gave me a lot of information about natural medicine and therapies. I felt much better than when i came in in fact i felt better for the whole week.....Great job Irene i wish you all the best.

John Charnley

Irene is a very caring and knowledgeable therapist having experienced and overcome her own health problems she is able to offer a sympathetic and informed session when you visit her.

Sheila Crouch

I visited Irene for reflexology it was great .. Irene is so helpful, friendly, gentle and supportive. I would highly recommend Irene , she has a real passion for what she does ... Really really worth a visit.

Tressa Wright

Thanks a lot Irene, you are excellent, professional and very knowledgeable in your field, i love your products too, top quality, thank you very much.

Claudia Mariotti

Well done Irene, alternative medicine is a real discovery for me and on every level mental and physical.

Donatella Foti

I do suffer from scoliosis which it causes me many daily issues but i must say after trying Raindrop and Vitaflex Technique with Irene i felt like pop into the gym again. We measured my spine it also stretched in size......Felt great, strong, happy, healthy.....

Tim Lavander

Very painful fasciitis i could not walk at all on my foot for months and in one session Irene healed it. Nothing more to say. Thank you.

Deborah King

I never believed in this kind of things and i know Irene as a friend for many years now. She always spoke to me about it but i was never really into it. I recently developed an anxiety disorder due to my life style and my GP did not help with my issue. Antidepressants did not help me at all so i decided to try Irene's therapies and Natural Medicine products. Well it worked from the first session in connection with a better diet, supplements and change in habits. Thank you Irene, life saver.

Marcin Pavlak