Biomagnetism pair therapy


Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BPT) was developed by Mexican scientist, Dr Isaac Goiz Duran. This extraordinary technique has helped thousands of people across the world experience improvements in their health and well-being.
BPT is an integrative therapy which is natural, safe and non-invasive. It involves the placement of magnets on different parts of the body, and aims to treat the person by balancing the internal pH of the organs, gland and tissue, so that microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites cannot live in this altered state. After the pH is balanced the body is allowed to heal itself, resulting in restoration of good health.
BPT also helps to correct imbalances in the magnetic field and bioelectric system throughout the body. In addition, with the use of magnets, blood circulation is enhanced which in turn relieves pain and inflammation and improves general health.
BPT prevents conditions or symptoms from escalating, so individuals do not have to be feeling unwell to undergo therapy.

Benefits of Bimagnetic Pair Therapy include:

Restoration of the body's function (glands, tissues, anatomical structures organs and body systems)
Restoration of the body's homeostasis through pH self-regulation
Facilitates the recognition of pathogens by the immune system
Detoxification of the different organs, thus improving the various functions throughout the body
‚ÄčImproved energy levels
Improved muscle strength
Relief from chronic muscle, back and knee pain
Boosts the immune system
Feelings of deep relaxation
Promotion of restful sleep


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