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Welcome to my website, and would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Irene D'Agostino, I am a qualified and insured practising Holistic Therapist. I have worked in the holistic industry over the last 10 years, and have spent a good part of those years working with palliative care, severe autoimmune, severe hormonal imbalance and emotional deep imbalance patients to improve their well being : mind, spirit, body and soul.
I am in this field because i been through hell and back with family and friends health issues and i overcame my own more than once.

Spiritual Modern Guru, Holistic and Ayurveda Practitioner, Energy Healer, Strong Psychic, Raja, Pranayam and Asanas Yoga Teacher, and future Biologist.
Humbled by a tough life journey but very blessed at the same time, i learned how to Heal myself from the worst health damages ( check my full story on my web site ) and from Covid-19 or Corona Virus also.
My mission and knowledge is increasing every day and i will never stop as i am not afraid, my drive to HEAL THE WORLD will win in the end.

Long Story short :

8 years ago NHS UK inserted a coil in my body which i did not want initially, they did not follow any of the medical procedures they should have and they just left it in my body.
The conventional god-genius Doctor even told me during the procedure that she did not like the situation and she explained to me why in details, yet she left that coil in my body. She said nothing will ever happen....
That is a very incorrect information as all conventional medical procedures or medications have side effects.
After a few months my body went into shock with many repercussions...

I became disabled, bed ridden for a while, i had 40 plus severe symptoms, my hormones were not working at all, hormones regulates every single function in your body, emotional and physical.
You cannot even think straight sometimes in such situation.
So after being abused by many conventional Doctors and Professors who brought me even more down on every level i decided to fight back.
I became a Holistic Practitioner and healed myself slowly also from Chronic haemorrhages and Chronic urine infections. The latter ones make you feel as if you are actually dying in connection with all the other symptoms.
I am also back to be a dancer by the way which for me is one of the most important things in my life.

The healing journey is cruel but possible as i am the example, it's cruel as life also bring you more crap every day anyway.
I even lost my beauty and now i just recently got it all back thanks to YOGA, Pranayama, Raja and Asanas and SPIRITUALITY of course.
Yoga or better Ayurveda Medicine is the SCIENCE OF LIFE AND MOTHER OF ALL MEDICINE, and i will be soon enough a Ayurvedic Doctor.
Conventional medicine torture women in these situations making them feeling crazy or irrational and so on, giving them only tests which are not the right ones as most conventional Doctors or Professors know very little about HORMONES unfortunately.
They can do tests, sometimes, yet they cannot even read them properly or give you the right ones.
Conventional Doctors can be very arrogant and therefore very ignorant.
They are our usual FIRST contact so if they do not operate as they should or as they SWORE on the Hippocrates oath our healing process cannot actually take place. IT WILL NOT TAKE PLACE.
I am also back to be a dancer by the way which for me is one of the most important things in my life.
DO NEVER QUIT on anything that is important to you and do not settle for less. If people want to give you less than tell them otherwise, Doctors, lawyers, family, friends, lovers, and so on you got the message haha

I only train and study with the best teachers and i believe in continuing with my holistic studies for as long as i can....I am very passionate and devoted to what i do.

As an holistic therapist I believe in treating the whole person. My aim is for my clients to leave their session feeling better than when they arrived, and i normally do that.

Treatment plans can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, conventional medicine. The objective is to empower you to promote healing, improve health and boost your well-being.

I am a fully qualified and Insured member of the BHMA (British Holistic Medical Association)

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I have got cancer and all the aggressive conventional therapies including Chemotherapy left me almost dead. I could not sleep for the past 6 months at least, my body is always in pain from head to toe. Irene offered to give me a Free session of Reiki, i felt asleep…

Roberta Sarli

I do suffer from scoliosis which it causes me many daily issues but i must say after trying Raindrop and Vitaflex Technique with Irene i felt like pop into the gym again. We measured my spine it also stretched in size......Felt great, strong, happy, healthy.....

Tim Lavander

I am not that young any longer and i have developed a very painful fasciitis, i could not even walk into Irene's studio very well. By the time i left Irene i was walking fine no pain no nothing.....i was just fine, amazing really. She also recommended me some diy things i…

Laura Spencer

I work and travel a lot and i looked for Irene as i wanted her to give me a Reiki session. Irene told me there was no problem as she could have done Reiki via distance. Now i am not into this energy healing but i am open minded and…

Viviana J. Kerr

Thanks a lot Irene, you are excellent, professional and very knowledgeable in your field, i love your products too, top quality, thank you very much.

Claudia Mariotti