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Welcome to my website, and would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Irene D'Agostino, I am a qualified and insured practising Holistic Therapist. I have worked in the care and holistic industry over the last 10 years, and have spent a good part of those years working with palliative care, severe autoimmune, severe hormonal imbalance and emotional deep imbalance patients to improve their well being : mind, spirit, body and soul.
I am in this field because i been through hell and back with family and friends health issues and i overcame my own more than once.

7 years ago NHS inserted a Marina Coil into my body and convinced me it was the best contraceptive method for me, they also told me there were zero side effects with it. ( NOT TRUE )
Conventional medicine only damaged my life to the point that i became disabled and almost bed ridden for a long time and i am still battling with a bad peri-menopause. The list of symptoms is too long to write here.
It has been a very tough journey so bad i would never wish it to my worst enemy, just imagine hormones regulates every single function in your body emotionally and physically.

I recently healed my chronic peri-menopausal haemorrhages and chronic urine Infection NATURALLY. When you experiencing such thing you feel like you are about to die emotionally and physically and conventional medicine only made it worse as i tried to have some sort of relief from their side also.
I now have a great knowledge in regards of hormonal balance better then most conventional Doctors and Professors which i also tried to see for my own health issues.

I also improved hugely the life of one of my clients who is a sever case of Lyme disease. Who knows about it understands how almost impossible this is to achieve.

I only train and study with the best teachers and i believe in continuing with my holistic studies for as long as i can....I am very passionate and devoted to what i do.

As an holistic therapist I believe in treating the whole person. My aim is for my clients to leave their session feeling better than when they arrived, and i normally do that.

Treatment plans can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, conventional medicine. The objective is to empower you to promote healing, improve health and boost your well-being.

I am a fully qualified and Insured member of the BHMA (British Holistic Medical Association)

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Very painful fasciitis i could not walk at all on my foot for months and in one session Irene healed it. Nothing more to say. Thank you.

Deborah King

I have got cancer and all the aggressive conventional therapies including Chemotherapy left me almost dead. I could not sleep for the past 6 months at least, my body is always in pain from head to toe. Irene offered to give me a Free session of Reiki, i felt asleep…

Roberta Sarli

I never believed in this kind of things and i know Irene as a friend for many years now. She always spoke to me about it but i was never really into it. I recently developed an anxiety disorder due to my life style and my GP did not help…

Marcin Pavlak

I have had my back done and it did not hurt any longer for a month. Thank you Irene you are wonderful darling.

Barbara Hillman

I work and travel a lot and i looked for Irene as i wanted her to give me a Reiki session. Irene told me there was no problem as she could have done Reiki via distance. Now i am not into this energy healing but i am open minded and…

Viviana J. Kerr